Policy Conversion

The migration of a policy from modernLINK to AMsuite follows a carefully defined path. Along the way there are a number of touchpoints, some for your policyholder and some for you as their agent. If you would like to visualize the sequence of events, and how they interact, please open this helpful chart.

What your customers will experience

American Modern will send policyholders three letters to guide them through the conversion process. The timing is determined by state DOI notification requirements.

Letter 1 – This is a general “heads up” that this year’s renewal will be different than in the past. Customers need to watch for two detailed packages that will follow.

Letter 2 – Explains insurance scoring and a customer’s right to refuse it. Customers are given instructions for opting-out of having a replacement policy rated using insurance scores. At this point, the customer does not need to do anything further other than look for the policy offer that will follow unless they choose to opt-out.

Letter 3 – A cover letter introduces the replacement policy offer. To accept the offer, a customer just needs to make an initial payment on the offer and sign any needed forms. Both can be done on our new Pay and Sign online tool.

What will you experience

You will receive several emails at key points in the policyholder communication process. The intent it is keep you informed in a timely manner so that you can be prepared to answer any questions from customer receiving conversion letters.

Email 1 – will arrive about the time the first batch of Letter 1 is sent.

Email 1 Example

Email 2 – coincides with Letter 2’s insurance scoring opt-out explanation.

Email 2 Example

Email 3 – will be sent just as the first policy offers are delivered.

Email 3 Example

Please keep in mind that you will not receive an email for each individual policy up for conversion. Instead, they are scheduled so that you will receive each when the first potential customers receive their letters and policy offer from us.

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