Helping producers get ready for AMsuite

American Modern will be communicating to our directly contracted agents for several weeks leading up to the rollout of AMsuite. All of the content of these communications are downloadable below and we encourage you to pass them along to your producers and share as appropriate. You can:

  • Simply forward our email directly to your producers
  • Download the content below and copy and paste it into your own email templates
  • Add it to your agency communication tools (Make sure to highlight the launch states and dates)

AMsuite electronic overview – 45 days prior to go-live

Download the electronic version of the print materials you received that introduce AMsuite. Please forward this to your producers or use it as a reference tool in your office.
Download the cover letter
Download the overview

Your help is needed to get the word out

Informative emails will be sent in the weeks leading to the go-live date. You can use the content provided in the Word documents in your own communications, or forward the American Modern version of the emails.

Email 1: Get ready for AMsuite – 35 days prior to go-live
Email 1 Word Document
Email 1 JPEG

Email 2: AMsuite products announced – 20 days prior to go-live
Email 2 Word Document
Email 2 JPEG

Email 3: AMsuite is live for quoting – on go-live day
Email 3 Word Document
Email 3 JPEG

Email 4: AMsuite is live. Dig deeper. – 2 weeks after go-live
Email 4 Word Document
Email 4 JPEG

Check key dates

Stay on top of all of all the important dates pertaining to AMsuite, its rollout and communications schedule.
Go to the communications calendar

Learn more about using AMsuite

Take a training class
We have many online classes. Pick the ones appropriate for your business.

Sign up for a webinar
If you like to hear a live instructor, we give Internet-based presentations several times a month.

Look at the job aids
Job aids are short documents you can download that focus on specific topics.

When in doubt, call us at 800-543-2644