Product improvements give you refreshed solutions

Supporting the new quoting tool, our product lines have been refreshed, too. The core coverages will still be familiar to you, but new options and lots of discounts will make the products even more attractive.

To help you quickly understand the product changes that go along with the new system, look at the comparison document for each product. All of the new coverages are highlighted in green. We’ve also created new product summaries to help you explain the coverage to a customer.

Consult the new product manuals for full details on these products. The availability of a particular product to your agency may vary by state and also by the authorization through which you write business with American Modern.

Residential Products

Dwelling Bassic

Water damage (up to $10,000) is a new option in this named peril/ACV program. It offers great flexiblity in terms of occupancy, age and condition. Up to 10 properties (Dwelling Basic or Dwelling Special) can be written on one policy, a great benefit for potential real estate investors.


This package of coverage provides packaged protection (basic form or broad form) plus upgrades for water damage, theft, and service line failure for customers not needing or qualifying for HO-3 coverage.

Manufactured Home

The long-time American Modern program has been redesigned to allow more customized coverage. Up to 25 units now can be written on one policy.


Exclusively for rental units and seasonally used homes, this HO-6 product accepts homes titled in the name of an individual, a single family or an LLC. Premises liability also covers property managers.

Dwelling Special

A variation of a DP-3 form, this program protects vacant property, rental property, and seasonal homes with all risk/replacement cost coverage. Switching between rental and vacant occupancy now takes just a few seconds. There are new options for water damage (up to 100% Coverage A) and theft.

Recreational Products

Collector Vehicle

The quoting process has been simplified to make it easier for non-specialists to quote. The classification and modification system is much simpler to use.


The motorcycle program has expanded to include customs and antiques, plus snowmobiles and slower electric vehicles. The pricing model has been revised to be more competitive.


This highly customizable product accepts vessels 27 feet and longer and up to $1M in value. Title may be held by an individual, trust, LLC or corporation. Up to four shared owners are allowed.


This product accepts most boat types, is ideal for bass and walleye boats, and also covers personal watercraft and antique vessels. Easier quoting eliminates most calls for underwriting help.