Getting started with AMsuite

AMsuite® is American Modern’s new, easy-to-use platform that bundles together quoting, policy management, claims, and analytical functions. It is based on the popular Guidewire software and replaces modernLINK®.

Moving from modernLINK to AMsuite is less of a change than it might at first seem because you already understand our product lines (we are just making them better), and you already understand the general quoting process (we are making it easier). To get you off to a quick start, here are four very useful tools.

1. Make sure your browser is current

AMsuite works best with a current version of your web browser. But before you make any change, talk to your agency’s IT support team about the correct process to upgrade your browser. There may be technical requirements to follow for your office.

We recommend using Chrome or Internet Explorer v.10 or newer:

Download Chrome

Download Internet Explorer

2. Begin with the navigation class

The navigation training module will help you become comfortable with the organization of the quoting screens. It’s more flexible than modernLINK, and has the added benefit of letting you skip around. You’ll find the navigation training module, and all all the AMsuite training modules, in the Training Center in modernLINK. If you want just a quick tutorial, download the job aid.

Download the Navigation Job Aid

3. Learn how to set up an account

Starting a new quote begins by setting up a customer account (name, address, phone, email, etc.). For existing customers, the account is already created for you, but please check it for missing or out-of-date information. This guide will walk you through the set up process.

Download submission process overview – part 1

4. Try a few quotes

In testing the design, we found that once someone has completed 2 or 3 quotes, they are comfortable enough to work without referring to help documents. You will catch on quickly. The logic of a quote — now called a submission — remains the same (you always need to know the value of a home or the claims history on a boat) but the underwriting questions are now fewer, and are specific to the risk or the insured. Online training modules will give you a step-by-step demonstration of the process.

Download submission process overview – part 2  and  part 3

Learn more about using AMsuite

Take a training class
We have many online classes. Pick the ones appropriate for your business.

Sign up for a webinar
If live instruction works better for you, we give Internet-based presentations several times a month.

Look at the benefits
Ten ways AMsuite will save you time and help you better support customers.

Understand key words
Terms used in AMsuite are a bit different. So that you don’t get hung up on a word, look through this glossary.

When in doubt, call us at 800-543-2644